Parents help make Heritage Middle School and the PTO stronger. Parent support and involvement are some of the key building blocks for a successful year at Heritage Middle School. Join our teachers, staff, and HMS parents to strengthen the Hive!

Top Ten Reasons to Join the HMS PTO

  1. Better education and professional moral
  2. Our PTO is about organization, not solicitation.
  3. PTO members get the inside track on new developments.
  4. PTOs are not nationally controlled or affiliated.
  5. Students benefit academically from parent involvement in PTO.
  6. PTO involvement can be limited based on availability.
  7. PTO involvement improves classroom behavior.
  8. Socializing with other parents is a real benefit.
  9. Kids are proud of their involved parents.
  10. More needs, fewer resources, but plenty of parents

Stay involved by visiting the HMS PTO page and joining today!