Hornet Athletics

The Heritage Middle School Athletic Department and sports teams model the vision and expectations of Williamson County Schools and the TSSAA.

Our Mission Goals are:

  1. Create positive student-athlete opportunities
  2. Responsibility and Integrity
  3. Succeed and win championships
  4. Value to Heritage and the community
  5. Provide memorable fan experiences

As Hornet athletes, students will make a commitment to themselves, teammates and the athletic program to follow the expectations of being an athlete. Heritage Middle offers a wide variety of sports in fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Learn more about Williamson County Schools athletic guidelines and requirements, complete required electronic athletic forms in order to participate in athletics, or for specific information on tryouts for various sports, please contact the head coach.

Athletic Directors

Kassi Fox
Michelle Karpovich

Adidas ECOM Partnership Program

Williamson County Schools has teamed up with Adidas in their ECOM Partnership Program. The program offers discount codes specific to each Elementary, Middle, and High schools. Each code is unique and Adidas donates 10% of the total spent back to the selected school as a fundraiser.

When purchases are made and a code provided at checkout, you will receive:

  • 15% off the retail price for most items
  • Free ground shipping
  • 10% of all purchases will go back to the chosen school for all items purchased

Simply log into Adidas website or create an account to get started, select your gear for purchase, enter your school’s ECOM Promo Code at checkout and your school benefits from the sale. Win – Win!

Share this information with family and friends throughout the United States – anyone can participate. Utilize this opportunity to purchase gear for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion and help out the school of your choice – while saving money!