Independence High School Counseling Department

Indy Counselors

Our school counselors provide support to all students and help address their academic achievement, college and career readiness, and social and emotional development.  Topics can include:

Academic Achievement: course selection, time management, and graduation requirements
College and Career Readiness: how to apply to college, find scholarships and other financial aid, career information
Social and Emotional Development: anxiety and stress management and overall mental health, issues with boyfriends/girlfriends, concerns about getting along with siblings

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Class code: L3069SX

Social Worker

School Social Workers provide information for support services or agencies to help students deal with economic, emotional or physical challenges inside and outside the classroom. School social workers sometimes focus on needs assessments for specific groups of students with a great deal of challenges, such as those with disabilities/special needs and at-risk. Social Workers assist the schools when working with a child who has special needs to plan, connect with the family and to consult as needed. School Social Workers assist students and families in the district with:

Connections to outside agencies in the community that provide additional support beyond the schools ( i.e. providing information for local child/adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists/counselors, support groups, food banks, mental health residential facilities) by communicating with parents, teachers and administrators which is essential in order to provide a full view of the issues facing an individual student, group or entire district.
Mental health needs (confirmation of diagnoses, support(s) needed at school, IEP/504 meetings, crisis plans/interventions)
Subsistence needs ( i.e. food, housing, utility bills, clothing, shoes, school supplies)

STARS Specialist

STARS Student Assistance Specialist is available as an additional social and emotional development support to students.  STARS offers individual intervention, group intervention, as well as prevention and leadership activities.  The STARS Student Assistance Specialist is available to help students with anything outside of academics, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, anger, bullying, self-esteem, body image issues, gender identity, family problems, peer relationships, etc.  Students who participate in STARS receive support while at school, though the service does not take the place of therapeutic counseling out of the school for more intensive problems (trauma, severe anxiety/depression, etc. )