The Eagles

Independence Eagles are faculty, staff, students, and community members. We wear navy, green and gold with pride.  We love, support, and protect each other with a strong devotion.  We are a team…

One Team, One Goal.


  • We believe in maintaining a safe environment for all students.
  • We believe in developing and maintaining positive relationships.
  • We believe in preparing students for successful futures including leadership roles.
  • We believe in the value of displaying appreciation for students’ individual character and intellectual contributions.
  • We believe that the student must be an active participant in his/her own learning experience.
  • We believe in maintaining a collaborative professional learning community.
  • We believe that adults at our school should model the characteristics we wish to see, and are working to develop, in our students.
  • We believe that decisions should consider the interests of all members of the IHS community and should be effectively communicated.
  • We believe in using different instructional strategies to enable all students to learn.
  • We believe in using relevant assessment that meets and exceeds local, state and national
  • standards.
  • We believe that IHS must partner with parents, guardians, and community members to provide the best possible educational opportunity for all students.

Mission Statement for Independence High School

The mission of Independence High School is to partner with parents and guardians to
cultivate achievement and integrity in a caring environment that models critical thinking,
responsible citizenship, respect for individuals, and a spirit of community where students
reach their highest potential.

Vision for Independence High School

Independence High School is dedicated to developing lifelong learners by empowering
students to self-advocate and commit to excellence in every endeavor. We seek to
partner with parents and guardians to prepare students for their future by promoting
choice and student individuality. By creating a community of learning, we provide a safe
environment that is encouraging and challenging. IHS’s  highly qualified educators
commit themselves to teach, guide, and model in a way that learning is rigorous, relevant,
and gratifying. Through the development of meaningful relationships within the IHS
community, students gain the ability and confidence to exhibit qualities of integrity and