Independence High School Coach Directory

Athletic staff and head coaches are listed below. Coaches without a Williamson County Schools phone number or email must be contacted through the Athletic Director, Mary Beth White.

NameJob TitleTelephoneLinks
Matt Balzer
TV and Film, Tennis Head Coach
Catherine Bellottie
AP Lang, Basketball Cheerleading Head Coach
Laura Bentley
Spanish I, IV, Dance Head Coach
Scott Blade
Wellness, Varsity Football Head Coach
Ashlie Brown
SSS - Transition 1, Softball
Shane Buchanan
World History, Softball Head Coach
Greg Burns
Business and Marketing, Football
Lindsey Chesak
Algebra II, JV Cheerleading Head Coach
Candace Coleman
Basketball Cheerleading
David Cordero
Teacher Assistant, Girls Soccer Head Coach
Dean Darnall
Psychology, Baseball
Tyler Dieterich
Band, Dance
Luke Finley
AP Physics, Astronomy, Boys Cross Country Head Coach
Lindsay Freese
English III, JV Cheerleading Head Coach
Chad Gates
Teacher Assistant, Freshman Football Head Coach
Wolf Gholson
Physical Science, Boys Basketball
Bryan Glasner
Personal Finance/ISS, Girls Basketball Head Coach
Karen Green
Teacher Assistant, Softball
Elizabeth Grindstaff
Fashion, Nutrition, Sports Health, Football Cheerleading Head Coach
Jared Grindstaff
Geometry, Assistant Athletic Director, Golf Head Coach, Wrestling Head Coach