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This week, Williamson County Schools is thanking its counselors during National School Counselors Week.

According to WCS Counseling Specialist Becky Mitchell, school counselors have a tremendous impact on student success.

“They encourage students to feel safe and secure emotionally and socially, and they also assist students with exploration of their post-secondary education and career options,” she said. “These are just a few of the ways our counselors support students.”

In honor of National School Counselors Week, here are some of our counselors sharing why they love what they do:


“I love being a school counselor because I love people.  I enjoy interacting with the students, providing encouragement and supporting them as they find solutions to their problems or concerns.  I especially enjoy doing this with and for children. They are the best. They keep it simple.” – Kelly Cochrane, Allendale Elementary School

“I got into this profession and love it because I believe in what I am teaching them. I am just one person, but if I can help at least one other person, then I have doubled the impact of positivity.” – Jennifer Randolph, Crockett Elementary School

“I love being a school counselor because I love seeing my students develop skills and strategies to cope with struggles and emotions they feel.” – Lee Boone, Hunters Bend Elementary School

“I love building relationships with my students. I can witness their growth both academically and emotionally. It does a heart good.”  – Sissy Brinkley, Fairview Middle School

“I love being a school counselor because I get to work with all our students and each day is a new adventure.” – Mia Monroe, Hillsboro School

“I love being a school counselor because I get to build positive trusting relationships with my students. Seeing them grow into well-rounded citizens is a true privilege and the best payout I could ever ask for. These kids are the reason I walk into work.” – DeAndra McCarthy, Mill Creek Middle School

“I’m too old to do stuff that doesn’t matter to me, doesn’t impact my community and doesn’t shape the next generation. That’s why I’m all-in as a school counselor.” – Mark Phillips, Sunset Middle School

“I love the variety I find in the position. Every day is different, every student is unique and I am privileged to serve all of them.” – Jill Wood, Brentwood High School

“In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘it is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself/herself.’  Learning is contagious, and it is a joy to work alongside our WCS students.  We learn anew from our students each day.” – Jill Llyod-Crucini, Centennial High School

“I just love working as a team with students and parents and sharing in their high school adventure.” – Mary Calhoun, Centennial High School

“I do not believe there is a better career in the world than serving as a school counselor. High school is such an important time to learn, grow, have fun and develop goals and plans for the future. I am passionate about working with students on academic, emotional, social and career topics. Plus, I work with an incredible team at Independence High School. That is the icing on the cake.” – Betsy Brown, Independence High School

“I love being a school counselor because I get to help people every day. I have the opportunity to work with students and their families through the difficult times in their lives. It’s a tough job, but I am grateful for the chance to do it.” – Sarah Shrewsbury, Renaissance High School

“I love being a school counselor at Renaissance because every day is different, and I love being able to help students in so many ways.” – Brooke Smith, Renaissance High School

“Getting to see the kids that have struggled and worked hard for four years walk across the stage and earn their diploma is why I love this job.” – Addy Sullivan, Summit High School



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