Parents can now find information regarding their child’s bus stop by visiting the WCS Bus Routes page.

With the opening of three new schools, additional bus routes, and school zone changes, officials say almost every bus route has changed for the upcoming school year.

“It’s critical that parents review their child’s route information now and check back several times throughout the school year as routes change due to growth,” said WCS Planning and Zoning Manager Allison Nunley. “Even if parents have already checked their child’s bus stop, they should plan on re-checking before August 10 to make sure no changes have been made.”

Students should be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the published time. A bus stop should be within a quarter mile of the student’s house if they reside in a subdivision. Parents who live on a rural road and need a bus stop to be added should submit a request through the “Contact Us” button on the Infofinder link.

All buses at the elementary and middle levels are scheduled to arrive at school 20-25 minutes prior to the school start time. High school buses are scheduled to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the school start time. This allows students time to eat breakfast, access their lockers and be in class ready for the instructional day to begin.

Safety First

The Williamson County Schools Transportation Department provides bus transportation to all eligible WCS students who travel to and from their zoned school each day.

Safety, both on and off the bus, is the Transportation Department’s top priority. All buses are inspected before and the school year. Drivers are trained throughout the year. All buses are equipped with GPS and digital cameras to ensure students are transported in a safe environment.

Because the bus is an extension of the school day, the school code of conduct also applies to behavior on the bus. Students may lose eligibility to ride the bus if they violate school bus conduct policy. Parents will receive a pamphlet with WCS School Transportation Safety and Discipline Guidelines.

Safe Stop App 

Parents of bus riders are encouraged to download the Safe Stop app, allowing them to view the location of their bus during transportation hours. The Safe Stop app uses GPS data from the school bus to provide the student’s assigned bus stop, time and bus number.

Notes and emails will still be sent home with the student on time changes over 15 minutes, but the app does allow push notifications. A guide on how to register for the Safe Stop app is available on the WCS Bus Routes page.