Williamson County Schools is continuing to use the Checkpoints program to encourage safe driving among teenage students.

In order to receive a high school parking permit, new student drivers must attend a one-hour Checkpoints class with a parent or guardian and create a social contract together to determine when and in what conditions the teen driver may be on the roads. The student and parent will also take a test before and after the class to measure what they’ve learned.

“Checkpoints is an interactive program that helps young drivers and their parents understand and discuss the increased risks that teens face during their first year of driving,” said WCS Special Projects Manager Erin Carceres. “The heart of the program is a parent-teen commitment that participants make in order to establish safety parameters.”

The Checkpoints program was adopted by the Safe Driving Task Force that was created at the beginning of 2017.

Throughout the year, as new drivers receive their licenses, more Checkpoints classes will be offered.

Contact the individual school for more information.