A traffic sign that reads state law stop for people within crosswalk

As the new school year begins, law enforcement agencies throughout the county will be cracking down on drivers who are using their cell phones in active school zones.

It’s part of a law that went into effect January 1. The law prohibits drivers from using their handheld device in an active school zone. It also forbids drivers under 18 from using or talking on their cell phone while driving on any roadway, even if using a hands-free device.

“It’s a matter of safety,” said WCS Safety and Security Director Michael Fletcher. “There are so many children in our school zones, and there is so much traffic. It’s important to remind drivers to put down the distractions, and just drive.”

Officials from Brentwood Police, Fairview Police, Franklin Police, Nolensville Police, Spring Hill Police and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office plan to be monitoring drivers closely for anyone using a handheld device in an active school zone.