The Social Studies Open Education Resource (OER) Team is taking the first steps toward creating a new curriculum for students to follow beginning with the 2019-20 school year.

Made up of social studies teachers from around the district, the team will discuss, create and build a brand-new curriculum that will help students learn. The team consists of Brentwood Middle teachers Tori Ham and Jordan Kook, Mill Creek Middle teacher Kayla Fraley, Heritage Middle’s Daniel Hollandsworth, Walnut Grove’s Ashley Costner, Ravenwood High’s Patrick Whitlock, Mill Creek Elementary’s Liza Vaughn and Franklin High’s Ashley Flood.

“It’s important for teachers to be doing this because we know how our students learn, and we know what’s going to keep them interested and engaged,” Kook said.

Throughout the year, the team will work to create an online-focused curriculum that can be updated as needed instead of waiting for new textbooks to be published and adopted. According to Kook, the focus on online learning will teach students in a format they are more comfortable with.

“The curriculum will be able to evolve as the standards change, as teachers introduce new ideas so we’re not waiting five years for a textbook to have new information to present to our students,” said Kook. “They’re going to be able to interact with the materials more.”

Kook is looking forward to working with teachers from all school levels to build a curriculum that fits the needs of their students.

“I’m excited to be able to work with this tremendous team from around the district, learning from each other and getting the opportunity to bounce ideas off of one another,” Kook said. “We’re really going to be coming together with the best resources possible.”