Thirty-seven rising Brentwood Middle sixth graders spent a week learning the inner workings of robots at the 2018 Robotics Summer Camp.

Led by middle and high school students in the joint Brentwood Middle and Brentwood High Robotics Club, the campers learned how to build and program MBots. They also learned about basic direct current electrical circuits. The central theme, however was making friends and team-building.

“They came in from different schools, knowing only those from their schools of origin,” said Brentwood High science teacher Dr. Roberto Marrero. “Some came from other districts. Now, they are one.”

The first day of camp opened with a meet-and-greet between the students. Then, they began building their MBot prototypes. They had to make the robots ready for the BE NICE soccer tournament on the third day. The tournament was modeled after the regional robotics BEST tournaments. The campers received points for encouraging their competitors and helping their opponents improve their robots.

“I really enjoyed being able to build and program robots,” said rising Brentwood Middle sixth grader Katherine Perez. “I met new students, learned about robotics and had an amazing experience.”

At the end of the camp, many of the students were committed to join the robotics team once the school year began.

“As the sixth grade participants walk the halls of Brentwood Middle on the first day of school with their classmates, their new friends will wave at them with a smile,” Marrero said. “As everyone knows, being a sixth grader, new in a middle school and knowing seventh and eighth graders: that is powerful.”