There is a lot of talk I’ve heard about the attendance policy. People are saying that after eight absences all absences are unexcused and that it will affect the child’s GPA. I don’t see anything like this in the handbooks for various schools. So what’s the real story? If we are absent for more than eight days, will it automatically hurt my child’s grades even if they make up the work and get good grades on the makeup work? With a doctor’s note, will more than eight absences still be considered unexcused? What do we do if a teacher wants to penalize my child’s GPA for being absent more than eight days even though their grades are good?

There is no truth to the rumor that a student’s GPA would be penalized for missing more than eight days of school. In addition, a student’s first eight absences can be excused with a note from a parent. After eight absences, the student must have a doctor’s note excusing their absence.

It is important to note that according to the Tennessee Department of Education’s new guidelines, students who miss 18 days for any reason will be reported as “chronically absent” which could negatively impact district and school performance scores on the State Report Card. There will also be a notification of this on the student’s attendance record.

Glad to hear of testing lead in water at schools built prior to 1998! What about Ravenwood High school? My kids are zoned for that and I’m concerned as it and Kenrose Elementary were both built basically over an archived Superfund site. Deeds show Williamson County board of education was aware of the toxic chemicals dumped on this land which was also mined by Monsanto even prior to that. Clean up was apparently done. I have all of those documents. Some are questionable but nonetheless, the site was archived right before Ravenwood opened. I think it’s a good idea to include this school in testing. And if not, what are my rights as a concerned parent as far as hiring and paying for testing on my own?

Under the new law (SB619/HB631), testing is not required for schools that were constructed after January 1, 1998. Kenrose Elementary School opened in 1999 and Ravenwood High School opened in 2002. That being said, the Williamson County Board of Education is in the process of developing a policy that the district will follow in regards to the testing of drinking water in our schools.

We live in Arrington Retreat and have heard many rumors that Page and Nolensville high along with the middle schools may go through rezoning next school year. Is this area of southeastern Williamson County being looked at for rezoning again between the respective schools?

Due to the high rate of growth in the Nolensville area and the expansion of Page Middle and Page High, the district does not plan to rezone Arrington Retreat to Mill Creek Middle or Nolensville High at this time.

I’ve heard conflicting stories about the potential timing and likelihood of a replacement facility for Brentwood Middle School. I believe the replacement facility was included in the WCS five year capital plan last year, but what is the actually likelihood of the project being completed within the next five years?

Williamson County Schools Five Year Capital Outlay Plan currently calls for a new Brentwood Middle School to open in Fall 2023. Each year, this plan is revisited and provided to the County Commission. WCS presents its actual funding requests closer to the construction schedule, likely in late 2020/early 2021 depending on the Commission funding schedule at that time.

I have heard from a few sources that there may be rezoning occurring next year for sections of Bent Creek in Nolensville who are now zoned for Mill Creek Elementary to be rezoned to Jordan Elementary or possibly Clovercroft. Wondering if there are any plans for this.

As much as reasonably possible, the district keeps neighborhoods zoned together. Any rezoning plans to be effective for the 2019-20 school year will be publicized later this semester.

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