Over the past several days, Williamson County Schools and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office have been investigating student threats on social media that have been brought to our attention. WCS wants parents to know that threats made against another student, staff member or school will get an immediate response leading to school discipline and potential criminal prosecution.

“In today’s times, when someone makes a threat in the school or on social media about a school, we investigate and involve law enforcement,” said WCS Deputy Superintendent Jason Golden.

The district encourages parents to talk with their children about the consequences of making threats, even as pranks. Just as important, parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s posts on social media.

“Williamson County Schools along with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office take each threat seriously,” said WCS Safety and Security Director Mike Fletcher. “We need help from our parents in monitoring their children’s activities on social media and helping them understand potential consequences in making a threat.”

Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Long agrees. “School safety is a top priority for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office,” said Long. “That’s why we have SROs in all county schools and FSSD schools. Children should be able to go to school to learn in a safe environment. That is our mission. We take all school threats seriously and they are investigated  thoroughly.  Anyone responsible for threats against our schools will be  arrested and held accountable for their actions.”

Williamson County Schools has created a new threat protocol for schools to use when assessing the level of a threat made by a student to determine if discipline, support services or other interventions might be needed for the student.

“The threat protocol is a guide our school administrators can use so that threats are investigated in the same way across the district,” said Golden.

As always, students and parents are encouraged to follow the motto if you see something, say something.

“School safety takes all of us working together,” said Fletcher. “Everyone in the community has a role in school safety and security.”