The students at Fairview Elementary spent October 5 completing science, math, engineering and technology (STEM) challenges in each grade level.

From making bridges out of paper and Popsicle sticks to crafting aluminum foil boats to creating entirely new animals, students tested their creativity and problem-solving skills in their classes.

While the students were having a blast with the challenges, they were learning about the engineering process at the same time.

“An exciting aspect of a STEM challenge is getting to create an on-the-spot design and improve it after receiving immediate feedback,” said FES third-grade teacher Mark Bailey.

STEM Day isn’t where the interest ends for the students. There are many different activities offered at Fairview Elementary that encourage exploration of STEM topics.

We have our STREAM Team before school enrichment classes; we have our STEM Lab up and going; and students are enthusiastic about the engineering design process,” Bailey said. “The future is very bright for the students here at Fairview Elementary School.”