As we celebrate National School Bus Safety Week, Williamson County Schools would like to remind drivers to be extra careful when sharing the roadways with schools buses.

“School buses are painted yellow for a reason,” said Williamson County Schools Safety and Security Director Michael Fletcher. “Drivers should always pay close attention to buses when they encounter them on the roads.”

School buses offer plenty of signals to alert drivers when they are preparing to stop and let children on or off the bus. Even if the road is four lanes wide with a turn lane in the center, drivers on both sides must stop until the bus lowers its stop sign.

“The flashing lights and stop signs on buses are to help other drivers know that students are actively loading or unloading the bus,” Fletcher said. “For the safety of the students, it is imperative that drivers honor these signals.”

Drivers can be fined for failing to stop for a school bus, and the fine may range from $250 to $1,000.