Law enforcement across Williamson County is dealing with an increase in auto burglaries, and officials have a warning for students and parents.

Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Long says there has been an increase in juveniles from surrounding counties burglarizing vehicles in Williamson County. At the same time, officers have also seen an increase in Williamson County juveniles playing pranks and other games such as “ding-dong-ditch” where a door bell is rung and the person runs away or “flashlight tag” where children play hide and seek in the dark but with flashlights.

“With so many communities on heightened alert, I encourage parents to have a stern conversation with their children,” said Long. “When children play these games, they are often trespassing on private property, and they could easily be confused with someone who is burglarizing a vehicle.”

Law enforcement agencies across the county encourage all drivers to make sure their vehicles are locked and that they don’t leave valuables in sight.