More than 50 incredibly talented Williamson County Schools choir students earned a spot on one of the various Middle Tennessee Vocal Association (MTVA) choirs. Out of those students, 33 were selected for one of the Tennessee Music Education Association (TMEA) All-State choirs.

Throughout the year, these students will rehearse and perform in front of an audience at various events. Congratulations to the following students:

Student NamePartSchoolMTVA ChoirTMEA Choir
Vivi HurstSoprano 1Brentwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA
Georgia WinklerSoprano 1Brentwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA
Alex CookSoprano 2Brentwood HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB
Michelle QiuAlto 1Brentwood HighMid-State SSAA
Dallas PritchardAlto 1Brentwood HighMid-State SSAA
Callie HilgenhurstAlto 2Brentwood HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SSAA
Alex VorhausBass 1Brentwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State TTBB
Shane McNabbBass 1Brentwood HighMid-State SATB
Sydney HooverSoprano 1Centennial HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA
Addison LewisSoprano 1Centennial HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB Alternate 2
Gracelyn BurrisSoprano 1Centennial HighMid-State SSAA
Ashley MillsSoprano 2Centennial HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA Alternate 5
Rachel IvesSoprano 2Centennial HighMid-State SATB
Grace Ann TabscottSoprano 2Centennial HighMid-State SSAA
Laura GriffithAlto 1Centennial HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB Alternate 1
Natalie Peterson LopesAlto 2Centennial HighMid-State SATB
Julian WatsonTenor 2Centennial HighMid-State SATBAll-State TTBB
Benjamin GallagherTenor 2 Centennial HighMid-State TTBBAll-State SATB
Grame CadaretTenor 2Centennial HighMid-State TTBBAll-State TTBB
Oscar GueveraTenor 2Centennial HighMid-State SATB
Cameron MillerBass 1Centennial HighMid-State TTBBAll-State SATB Alternate 3
Emiliano GarciaBass 1Centennial HighMid-State TTBB
Christopher CooperBass 2Centennial HighMid-State SATBAll-State TTBB
Isabella StachurskiSoprano 1Franklin HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB
Lily WarrenSoprano 1Franklin HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA
Emma Grace SchenckSoprano 1Franklin HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB Alternate 4
Lillian BrownSoprano 1Franklin HighMid-State SSAA
Molly PopeAlto 1Franklin HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB
John William MartinBass 1Franklin HighMid-State TTBB
Asha HenshawFreshmen AltoFranklin HighFreshmen SATB
Addie SextonFreshmen AltoFranklin HighFreshmen SATB
Kailey RileySoprano 1Independence HighMid-State SSAA All-State SSAA
Nina GreenSoprano 2Independence HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB Alternate 1
Hailey GoodwinAlto 2Independence HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA
Evelyn PalmlidenAlto 2Independence HighMid-State SSAA
Karson HamlinTenor 1Independence HighMid-State SATB
Journey ThouinBass 2Independence HighMid-State TTBBAll-State SATB
Preston RogersBass 2Independence HighMid-State TTBBAll-State SATB
Esther JohnsonFreshmen SopranoIndependence HighFreshmen SSAA
Camryn RasmussenSoprano 1Ravenwood HIghMid-State SSAAAll-State SSAA
Hannah ParkSoprano 1Ravenwood HighMid-State SSAA
Madeline ThomasAlto 1Ravenwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA
Amber RiggsAlto 1Ravenwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA
Sadie SokolowskiAlto 1Ravenwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA Alternate 3
Emily PrestonAlto 1Ravenwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State SSAA Alternate 4
Lillian DasalAlto 2Ravenwood HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB
Mrinmoyee KalasikamAlto 2Ravenwood HighMid-State SSAA
Noa VIllalobosAlto 2Ravenwood HighMid-State SSAA
Jasper VasilevskisTenor 1Ravenwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State TTBB Alternate 5
Ben JessopBass 1Ravenwood HighMid-State SATBAll-State TTBB
Nicole CastanedaFreshmen AltoRavenwood HighFreshmen SSAA
Devin RiggsFreshmen AltoRavenwood HighFreshmen SSAA
Allie SmithSoprano 1Summit HighMid-State SSAAAll-State SATB
Callie LutcheSoprano 1Summit HighMid-State SSAA
Maggie HarrisAlto 2Summit HighMid-State SSAA
Kelsey TardiffAlto 2Summit HighMid-State SSAA
Braden FitzgeraldTenor 1Summit HighMid-State TTBB
Daniel MeeseTenor 2Summit HighMid-State SATBAll-State TTBB
Logan BentonFreshmen BassSummit HighFreshmen SATB

*SATB: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass – Male and Female choir
*TTBB: Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass 1 (Baritone), Bass 2 – Male choir
*SSAA: Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 2 – Female Choir