Brentwood High School anatomy students are getting to use new technology as a result of the new science curriculum.

In order to understand how neurons and electrical impulses work, Brentwood High science teacher Barbara Sawyer had her students test out the Claw. The Claw is an electronic device that uses electrode pads to open and close. By sticking electrode pads on their arms, the students were able to pick up different objects using the Claw.

“They’re getting the electrical impulses from their muscles and sending it to the Claw in order to manipulate it,” Sawyer said.

This is the first time Sawyer has used this technology in the classroom, but it won’t be the last.

“They work well so far,” said Sawyer. “I hope we can get a few more. It helps show that connection, because it’s hard to explain electrical impulses. It’s a good way to demonstrate the concept.”