Learning about the mummification process is one thing. Performing the mummification process is another.

After learning how the ancient Egyptians mummified people, sixth grade students at Brentwood Middle had the opportunity to mummify a chicken during class November 29.

To deepen the understanding of the state standard in ancient Egyptian beliefs in the afterlife, social studies teacher Joseph Hamrick’s class took it a step further and dressed up as Anubis, the Egyptian god of embalming. He led his students through a simplified mummification process, including removing organs, salting and wrapping.

“The students thought the activity was really neat and fun,” Hamrick said. “The project was a great opportunity for them to actually engage in the history. Instead of just learning and seeing pictures of mummies, the students were able to actual partake and go through most of the same steps the ancient Egyptians did. It was a great opportunity for them to learn and recreate something that hasn’t been done in thousands of years.”