Mention the name Cecilio to fifth grade teachers at Grassland Elementary School and their faces light up.

Known for having a strong work ethic and a big heart, Cecilio Jaime-Giron was chosen by teachers and administrators as Grassland Elementary’s Academic All-Star for the 2018-19 school year.

“Cecilio is always respectful, kind and willing to help all students in any way possible,” said his teachers. “He always has a positive attitude, wonderful smile and gives 100 percent.”

Having attended GES since kindergarten, Cecilio says the teachers at Grassland are a big reason why he has enjoyed this school so much.

“They’re just really good,” said Cecilio. “There’s no rush, and they don’t ignore us. The teachers wait until we finish before they move on to the next thing.”

Cecilio says math is his favorite subject, but he’s not really sure what he wants to do when he grows up. For now, his favorite activities include playing games with his brother.

When asked what motivates him to do well in school, Cecilio says much of it comes from within.

“I just want to make it to middle school, high school and college,” said Cecilio. “I want to make good grades and get a good degree.”

For now, Cecilio plans to finish out fifth grade with the same determination and disposition that made him an Academic All-Star.

The Academic All-Star award is given to students who exhibit a positive attitude and a commitment to excellence in the classroom. Each Academic All-Star is chosen by his or her principal and receives a framed certificate, free food from Sonic Drive-In and other gifts from the district.