Academic All-Star – Tennyson Ke, Hunters Bend Elementary

  • Boy holds award certificate

Known throughout his school as a hard-worker who always gives his best effort, fifth grader Tennyson Ke has been named this year’s Academic All-Star for Hunters Bend Elementary.

“Tennyson demonstrates perseverance and a good attitude when tasks are challenging,” said his teachers. “He is always eager to help and do the right thing. Tennyson is a great student, and we’re proud to name him our Academic All-Star.”

Tennyson was surprised with the announcement during a school-wide assembly January 25. Having been a student at Hunters Bend since first grade, he says he has truly enjoyed his elementary school experience.

“I like all the teachers and the staff here at Hunters Bend,” said Tennyson. “They’re all so nice.”

Tennyson’s favorite subject is science because he enjoys doing all the fun experiments like the one his class is working on now.

“We are building a spacecraft that we put a rover in – which is like an egg – and then we drop it from different heights and see if it will break,” said Tennyson, who admits he may want to be an engineer when he grows up. “Our group is using tape to put two cups together and a marshmallow for cushioning.”

Outside of school, Tennyson likes to play videos games, ride his bike and practice taekwondo.

“I’ve been taking taekwondo lessons since August,” said Tennyson. “I like it because we get to learn different kicks and forms, and it’s challenging.”

Tennyson knows making the move the middle school next year will also be a challenge, but it’s one he’s looking forward to.

“I’m nervous and excited at the same time,” said Tennyson. “School is important to me because it’s preparing me for the future.”

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