I am wondering if there is preliminary information about which students will be zoned for the proposed middle school that is planned for the Oak View campus (what I have heard is being referred to as Central Middle School). Specifically, will students at the new Gosey Hill elementary school continue to be zoned for Page Middle after the Oak View campus middle school is built, or will some students from the new Gosey Hill elementary school be re-zoned back to the Oak View campus for middle school? 

The zoning for the new middle school will be established later this calendar year, but we anticipate the Gosey Hill School to remain a feeder to Page Middle and Page High schools.

When last year’s rezoning took place, I saw plans for a new elementary school on the zoning map.  It looked like the estimated date was 2020 and the school zone was near Summit HS. Are there any updates on another elementary school being built in Spring Hill?

We continue to monitor the growth within the county and review our student enrollment. Our zoning and attendance personnel are continually accessing our needs at each school in determining enrollment across the district. Our assumptions are based on current growth trends, tracking of platted subdivisions, proposed real estate developments, and the residential building permits issued throughout the county. Based on the available information, the district’s Five Year Capital Outlay Plan reflects the need for 11 new buildings in year 2020 through 2025. This includes a South Elementary school which has a projected completion date of Fall 2021 and a Southeast Elementary school with a projected completion date of Fall 2025.

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