Rumor Mill – January 8, 2019

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What’s the status of the new STEM building opening at Brentwood High? Will the building be available this academic year? What kinds of classes will meet there?

Construction continues on the Brentwood High STEM building. It is scheduled to open for students in the fall of 2019. A variety of science and STEM classes will be offered in the building as well core academic classes using STEM problem-solving and design-thinking strategies.

For high school students, is there a certain point that teachers should stop teaching new material and start reviewing for mid-terms or final exams? How are students to know how they performed on mid-term or final exams if the teacher never passes the test back out to review?

The point that each teacher begins review varies from course to course and class to class. Each course has a set of standards that must be mastered during the semester with various levels of depth and rigor. Depending how quickly the students grasp the material as they progress through it, they may end up with an extra day or two for review at the end of the semester. Many courses will need the full semester to teach the content of the course, leaving the day before finals as the official review day. Regardless of the amount of time remaining for official exam review in class, teachers give students a study guide or an idea of what should be reviewed approximately two weeks prior to the semester exam.

For high school students, why can one high school grade honors and AP math courses at 90 percent for quizzes/tests and 10 percent for homework when no other high school in the county grades that way? That is a very high percentage for a high school class.

WCS Board policy  4.607 indicates that homework can count no more than 20 percent of a student’s grade. Schools and their curriculum teams decide what is appropriate for a homework percentage following that board policy.

The purpose of this section is to answer any questions parents, teachers or community members might have regarding the school district and to set the record straight in regards to any rumors that might be circulating.

If you have a question or have heard a rumor that you would like for us to address, simply EMAIL US your questions and we will respond to them in upcoming issues of InFocus. 

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