The School Board recently approved an updated version of the exam exemption policy for high school seniors beginning with the 2019-20 school year.

This update will not go into effect until July 1, 2019. The current exam exemption policy will continue to apply to the final exams this semester.

Next year’s changes in the policy are as stated below:

“Semester and final exams in a subject shall not be required for those high school seniors who have maintained an A average in that subject, have no unexcused absences, and have not been suspended during the semester.”

This is a change from the current exam exemption policy, which states that high school seniors may have no more than six absences in order to be exempted from an exam, whether excused or not. Those six absences do not include college visitation days approved in advance by the principal or semester/final exam days when the student is exempt.

In WCS, a student’s first eight absences may be excused with a parent’s note. A doctor’s note is required each time a student misses school after eight absences.

The updated policy’s language is available on the School Board meeting dashboard.