Dozens of Williamson County Schools middle and high students will have their artwork on display at Cheekwood Bontanical Gardens from February 2 until March 2.

The exhibition showcases art pieces from the 2019 Middle Tennessee Scholastic Art Competition.

In addition to the students earning recognition in the Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mentions categories, a handful of students was selected as nominees for the American Vision & Voices Award. Brentwood High’s Chandler Gallaher was nominated for the work St. Paul’s. Independence High had two nominees: Emily Cole for her work Serious and Madison Gabay for her work Hands in My Hair.

The competition is open to students in the seventh through twelfth grades and aims to honor the best work from around the region.

Congratulations to the following students:

Gold Key

Student NameSchoolTitleCategory
Caroline BowdenBrentwood HighEat GlassDrawing and Illustration
*Chandler GallaherBrentwood HighSt. Paul'sPrintmaking
Lauren NicholsonBrentwood HighAutumn in WinterPainting
Blythe PerselBrentwood HighHimikoDrawing and Illustration
Taylor RenwickBrentwood HighFragmented LiberationSculpture
Jordan WildmanBrentwood HighLight from the Black and WhitePainting
Angela HuoBrentwood MiddleErasedDrawing and Illustration
Alice QuBrentwood MiddleA la Mer Tiny House DesignArchitectural and Industrial Design
Tiara KingFranklin HighFreedomDrawing and Illustration
Lidia OlyhaFranklin HighAddiePhotography
Hayley RushFranklin HighThe ChickenMixed Media
Logan BockIndependence HighCREATURE - Chapter 1Film and Animation
*Emily ColeIndependence HighSerious.Photography
*Madison GabayIndependence HighHands in my HairPainting
Madison GabayIndependence HighCan You Not?Digital Art
Jonathan RamirezIndependence HighPlaza PrincipalPhotography
Lauren SchwartzIndependence HighStrawberry DelightPainting
Luke RodgersMill Creek MiddleThe Revenge of the Giant CactusComic Art
Kelsey CarrNolensville HighOutlawDrawing and Illustration
Kelsey CarrNolensville HighSlippingDrawing and Illustration
Ariana ChilversNolensville HighGreen EyesPainting
Emily LuRavenwood HighThe Same Brain SizeDrawing and Illustration
Emily LuRavenwood HighA Study in YellowPainting
Sara PooniaRavenwood HighSunday Morning BreakfastPainting
Sofeiya WangRavenwood HighKoiDigital Art
Madeline ZhangRavenwood HighFatherDrawing and Illustration
Sara ClevelandSummit HighDepressionPhotography
Nhi DiepSummit HighThrough the Looking GlassDrawing and Illustration
Michaela MackieSummit HighEscheresqueDrawing and Illustration
Dylan SanchezSummit HighFinniganDrawing and Illustration
Dylan SanchezSummit HighSubmergedPainting

Silver Key

Student NameSchoolTitleCategory
Caroline CavinBrentwood HighLiving SpacePhotography
Rachel MayhughBrentwood HighPlanter CityDrawing and Illustration
Dalton SchneiderBrentwood HighNo Longer in KansasCeramics and Glass
Dalton SchneiderBrentwood HighSequoiaSculpture
Anna GoddardBrentwood MiddleSpringPhotography
Angela HuoBrentwood MiddleDrifting TimeDrawing and Illustration
Alina SpatzCentennial HighDualityDrawing and Illustration
Amelia CannonFranklin HighWho Am IPhotography
Amelia CannonFranklin HighA Clock and an EyePhotography
Rose CrawfordFranklin HighWhen it Rains, it PoursFashion
Gracie LongFranklin HighMan's Best FriendPhotography
Zoe NaudeFranklin HighPsychedelic Space DivingPainting
Lidia OlyhaFranklin HighCopperPhotography
Logan BockIndependence HighIt Gets WorseFilm and Animation
Madison GabayIndependence HighA Colorless DreamPainting
Madison GabayIndependence HighBlossoming ConfidencePainting
Kelsey LathamIndependence HighDefunct RecollectionDigital Art
Kelsey LathamIndependence HighEvolved TechnologyDesign
Nicole O'ConnerIndependence HighPaint StainsDrawing and Illustration
McKenzie OwensIndependence HighThe HerderFilm and Animation
Ashlyn PauseIndependence HighHeadlightsPhotography
Jonathan RamirezIndependence HighLone DaysPhotography
Kyla RoachIndependence HighSimply LivingDrawing and Illustration
Lauren SchwartzIndependence HighThe Glow of MidnightPainting
Susanna SheffieldIndependence HighGokattaDigital Art
Gabe ThiemanIndependence HighIndependence Football Promotional DesignDesign
Aaron ExlerMill Creek MiddleTwistDrawing and Illustration
Luke RodgersMill Creek MiddleBad Parking SpacesComic Art
Lauren RyanMill Creek MiddleThe Heart of the MatterPainting
Lily BoltonRavenwood HighDreamerDigital Art
Amanda DavidsonRavenwood HighSwirling StepsPhotography
Fangyu GuoRavenwood HighMy Brother, a Big Fortnite FanDrawing and Illustration
Mari LagrangeRavenwood HighHide and SeekPainting
Gabrielle LiuRavenwood HighLavender Ranunculus Cascade Hair SticksJewelry
Emily LuRavenwood HighSaraDrawing and Illustration
Katie MankamyerRavenwood HighUnflattering FlashDrawing and Illustration
Katie MankamyerRavenwood HighSadie's SmileDrawing and Illustration
Anwaar MuhsinRavenwood HighFuturePhotography
Sara PooniaRavenwood HighWhat the Private Investigator FoundPainting
Sara PooniaRavenwood HighFrom the GardenPainting
Caleb VerpoortRavenwood HighIcy SummerDigital Art
Madeline ZhangRavenwood HighTetrisPainting
Madeline ZhangRavenwood HighDreaming of the Big CityPainting
Emily DukeSummit HighBootedDrawing and Illustration
Ashlyn HenleySummit HighFreedomDrawing and Illustration
William MaddoxSummit HighRestDrawing and Illustration
Yuliya MelnychenkoSummit HighGryffindorDrawing and Illustration
Garrett MoserSummit HighBrennanPhotography
Dylan SanchezSummit HighWhere the Wild Things AreArt Portfolio
Kelsey CarrNolensville HighAll in the Bloodstained AfternoonPrintmaking
Alitza GelmanNolensville HighAn Ode to PsychedelicsDrawing and Illustration

Honorable Mention

Student NameSchoolTitleCategory
Brooke BengertBrentwood HighDrapedDrawing and Illustration
Jillian DeGrieBrentwood HighEightPainting
Jillian DeGrieBrentwood HighThe Story of RoxanneDrawing and Illustration
Abigail HorrarBrentwood HighArchitecture Study: SevillePrintmaking
Yi QuBrentwood HighIn a Dream of My HometownDrawing and Illustration
Jordan WildmanBrentwood HighSearchingPainting
Sarah CaiBrentwood MiddleWildlife RefugeDrawing and Illustration
Morgan KoerlinBrentwood MiddleQuestionerDrawing and Illustration
Meredith ShawCentennial HighWavesPainting
Elizabeth BradleyFranklin HighMarblesDrawing and Illustration
Margaret DekkerFranklin HighSkeletonPainting
Selah RobertsonFranklin HighYoung at HeartDrawing and Illustration
Macy SavageFranklin HighMy BrainDrawing and Illustration
Sarah WittyFranklin HighShh... ListenDrawing and Illustration
Megan BaileyPage HIghCan't Shake Off the DayPainting
Logan BockIndependence HighCREATUREFilm and Animation
Chloe CoppsIndependence HighOut Where Wyoming StandsDigital Art
Isabel FitzhughIndependence HighAt First SightDrawing and Illustration
Isabel FitzhughIndependence HighThing SkinnedDigital Art
Madison GabayIndependence HighSpeaking Without WordsArt Portfolio
Lauren HicklingIndependence HighBlu BoyDrawing and Illustration
Nikita KunaIndependence HighDriftingDrawing and Illustration
Nikita KunaIndependence HighGentrificationDrawing and Illustration
Kelsey LathamIndependence HighSuch is FateDigital Art
Kelsey LathamIndependence HighImpermanenceArt Portfolio
Nicole O'ConnorIndependence HighFlourishedPainting
Nicole O'ConnorIndependence HighBewitchedPainting
Madison OwensIndependence HighLakotaPhotography
Jonathan RamirezIndependence HighNoble SpringsDesign
Gabe ThiemanIndependence HighJust Do It.Design
Lucy ClarkeMill Creek MiddleSumi E BirdPainting
Alex BaylorRavenwood HighDragonFruitDrawing and Illustration
Mary Kate DouglasRavenwood HighSkullyDrawing and Illustration
Capri EasterdayRavenwood HighHappy Birthday!Painting
Fangyu GuoRavenwood HighWhen My Brother Eats My SnacksDrawing and Illustration
Kaitlyn HodelRavenwood HighClock TowerPrintmaking
Aarushi KhannaRavenwood HighHappy TimesDrawing and Illustration
Gabrielle LiuRavenwood HighGalaxy BraceletJewelry
Emily LuRavenwood HighMauerbauertraurigkeitArt Portfolio
Madeline ZhangRavenwood HighAn Artichoke and a HalfPainting
Abigail BeanSummit HighEndingsPhotography
Nola CraigSummit HighCreek LifeDrawing and Illustration
Alexandra FranseSummit HighWistfulDrawing and Illustration
Nora LeighSummit HighGraphite JarDrawing and Illustration
Becca LillySummit HighScarab of LifeDrawing and Illustration
Yuliya MelnychenkoSummit HighPensive in the ParkDrawing and Illustration
Yuliya MelnychenkoSummit HighGrasping for TimeDrawing and Illustration
Dylan SanchezSummit HighRegenerationPainting
Tate ZimmerSummit HighShadow SelfDrawing and Illustration
Brianna McvayNolensville HighKathryn, My MotherPainting
Marina TadrousNolensville HighIntrospective FruitDrawing and Illustration

*American Vision & Voices Nominee