We live in Polk Place and my son went to Page Middle school last year for his sixth grade year and this year was rezoned to Heritage. I have three younger children and I was hoping and assuming that this new middle school was for our neighborhood too. Heritage is nine miles from our house and an hour in traffic. Would my children still be driving past a new middle school to get to Heritage Middle in Spring Hill when this new school is built?  If so, that is ridiculous.

Generally, we expect the new middle school planned for Henpeck Lane to serve homes south of the Franklin Special School District line but north of Heritage Middle and Thompson’s Station Middle. Polk Place is actually split between FSSD and WCS, so any zoning to a WCS middle schools would be limited to that portion of Polk Place in WCS. The portion of Polk Place in WCS is within that area primarily targeted for the new middle school, but we do not at this early stage have a zoning proposal for the new school.

The new school is currently in the architectural design phase, and the City of Franklin is working on running sewer to that property. We are currently projecting that both the city’s sewer and the school construction will be complete in time for the school to open in the Fall of 2020. We will be putting together a specific zoning plan for the new middle school late this Fall. We typically have community meetings after we publish our zoning proposal but before the Board votes on a plan. Be looking for InFocus to announce those meetings in next school year.

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