Woodland Middle School is proud to announce sixth grader Jaeden Morris as its Academic All-Star for the 2018-19 school year.

“Jaeden has consistently used his reading strategies to help him grow tremendously this year and always actively participates in class,” said his teachers. “He works hard, cares about others and keeps a positive attitude. Jaeden has the best manners and is especially kind to those who are struggling.”

Although starting middle school can be a tough transition for some students, Jaeden says he has enjoyed this latest chapter.

“I wasn’t nervous about starting this new school,” said Jaeden. “I’ve gotten to make new friends, and I like how the teachers here have helped me get better at learning.”

When asked how his teachers have helped him improve, Jaeden says it’s a combination of things.

“They’ve pushed me to ask questions and to not give up when something’s hard,” said Jaeden. “My favorite subjects are math and social studies. I’ve always liked math, but now I really like social studies because Mr. Jordan is funny and a good teacher.”

In his free time, Jaeden likes to play outside with friends in his neighborhood. He also likes football and says if he can’t be a football player when he grows up, he might want to test out the broadcast booth.

“I’d like to be a football commentator,” said Jaeden. “My parents say I’d be good at it because I like to talk about football a lot.”

Of course, to get a degree in broadcasting, Jaeden will have to go to college. He says that’s one thing that motivates him each day at school.

“My education is important for me to get a good scholarship,” said Jaeden. “I want to go to a good college so grades are important, and I know if I study for my tests, then I should get good grades.”