Ravenwood High School Senior Kelsi Jenkins is the type of student who’s willing to work hard for the desired result.

That’s one reason why teachers at RHS say she’s their choice for this year’s Academic All-Star Award.

“Kelsi is the hardest-working student I have,” said RHS teacher Chris Caminiti. “She never lets her struggles interfere with her desire to learn and determination to improve. Kelsi asks questions, seeks opportunities for extra help and is always smiling and positive in class. She puts 150 percent into everything we do.”

Although math is not her favorite subject, Kelsi says she appreciates the help she receives from teachers like Caminiti.

“Math is just a little harder for me, and I’ve struggled for it to click sometimes,” said Kelsi. “I have found that making connections with teachers is important. If I’m having trouble, I know I can always go to that teacher and ask for help.”

One thing Kelsi is very passionate about is the school’s nursing program.

“We do clinicals every Tuesday and Friday, and it’s just a blast,” said Kelsi. “On Tuesdays, we go to Somerfield Health Center which is connected to a senior living community so there are a lot of older people who are very sweet. On Fridays, we go to Williamson Medical Center where we help the nurses as much as we can. It’s really fun.”

Kelsi says her experience at Ravenwood has shaped her future goals. After graduation, she plans to study nursing at the University of Arizona before entering nurse practitioner school.

While reflecting on the past four years, Kelsi says she feels fortunate to have had so many amazing teachers.

“We’re so grateful as a community to have such a wonderful education program,” said Kelsi. “It would be a mistake to not use up all the opportunities that we have with so many incredible teachers and resources. I value that a lot.”