Teachers at Longview Elementary say 11-year-old Cassidy Ordus is the kind of student who looks for the positive in every situation and views problems as opportunities for growth.

So when it came time to select an Academic All-Star, Cassidy’s name was at the top of their list.

“Cassidy has achieved tremendous growth in all academic areas this year,” said her teachers. “She is hardworking, kind, and respectful, and you can always count on Cassidy to put forth her best effort. We feel honored to be a part of her educational journey.”

Having just learned she’ll be on the cheer team next year, Cassidy is excited to move on to Heritage Middle in the fall.

“I know it will be different because there will be students from other schools, and we’ll have lockers,” said Cassidy. “One thing I like is that we won’t have to travel in a line down the hallways.”

Although she likes all of her classes, Cassidy says writing is her favorite subject.

“We’re writing this book called Digit Boy at school,” said Cassidy. “It’s about this boy who becomes a superhero named Digit Boy, and he moves decimals to make things cheaper.”

With summer break just weeks away, Cassidy pledges to bring the same focus to middle school that earned her the Academic All-Star Award as a fifth grader.

“School is important because it gives you an education, and then you can go to college,” said Cassidy, who admits there are social benefits as well. “You can make a lot of friends in the process.”

According to her teachers, Cassidy’s kind and generous nature has earned her many friends during her time at Longview.

“Cassidy is always helping others in need,” said her teachers. “She is a good friend to her peers. We can’t say enough positive things about Cassidy as she is determined to be her best self.”