It’s a good thing eighth grader Chris Adams likes surprises.

On April 22, Chris was called down to the principal’s office. Convinced he was in trouble, Chris was shocked to learn that he had actually been selected as this year’s Academic All-Star for Spring Station Middle School.

“When I first got called down to the principal’s office, I was really nervous,” said Chris when reflecting on the moment. “But it was cool how all the students from my focus study class were brought down to the office to be part of the surprise.”

Teachers say Chris, who is known for his perseverance, is more than deserving of this award.

“Chris is one of the hardest working eighth grade students here at Spring Station,” said his teachers. “His attitude is consistently positive and his willingness to put others first is remarkable. There is no doubt Chris will be successful wherever he goes. Even when it is hard, he keeps on trying. He never gives up.”

Now that he’ll be moving on to high school next year, Chris says there is a lot he’ll miss about Spring Station.

“I’ve really enjoyed all of the teachers I’ve had over the years,” said Chris. “They’re really nice; some of them are really fun to be around. They don’t just stand in front of the classroom and lecture. They actually have fun and interact with their students.”

Some of Chris’s favorite things to do include playing video games, riding his skateboard and climbing trees.

“I love to climb,” said Chris. “I have a tree that’s about the size of our house and I’ll climb to the top. There’s a spot up there where I can sit. It’s fun. During the summer, I also like to go rock climbing with one of my friends.”

As he continues his educational career, Chris says he plans to keep the same focus and determination that have gotten him this far.

“My parents always tell me that grades are important, and I have to work hard,” said Chris. “If I don’t, I could fail and then I’d have to go to summer school. I really don’t want to go to summer school.”