Teachers at Fairview Middle School think the world of eighth grader Gavin Arbogast.

According to them, not only does Gavin give 100 percent to everything he does, he does it with enthusiasm.

“Each day, Gavin enters class with a smile on his face and a great attitude,” said his teachers. “He works extremely hard and is a leader for his peers. Gavin perseveres by staying focused on the task at hand and never giving up. If he needs help, he will ask for clarity. Gavin chooses to always take pride in his work.”

Gavin began attending Fairview Middle as a seventh grader and says he feels right at home.

“I like that there’s not a lot of bullying here, and everyone is nice,” said Gavin. “Also, the teachers are so committed to helping kids learn.”

Although his favorite subject is science, Gavin says his favorite class this year is math.

“Even though math is hard, I still like how challenging it is,” said Gavin. “I also like science because¬†I am a big lover of animals and dinosaurs.”

When he’s not in school, Gavin likes to spend time outside, play video games and go swimming. As he prepares to make the move to high school, Gavin says he’s beginning to understand the importance of a good education.

“School can teach you all sorts of skills,” said Gavin. “Even though you may not think so at the time, those skills could help you later in life.”

As for his teachers, they say Gavin possesses all the intangibles that make a great student.

“Several characteristics of a successful leader are confidence, citizenship, responsibility, and effective work-habits,” said his teachers. “Gavin fits every one of these categories. He has a great heart and is the perfect example of why teachers go into this profession.”