Eighth grader Iliana Rombough is this year’s Hillsboro School Academic All-Star for sixth through eighth grades.

Teachers and administrators chose her for this honor based on her commitment to academic excellence and her positive attitude.

“Iliana always strives to do her best, asks questions when she is unsure, and never hesitates to redo her work if she needs to,” said HEMS teacher Kate Hathaway. “When she submits her completed work, it’s clear she always goes above and beyond what the assignment requires. She is an outstanding scholar, a positive force in the classroom, and a student with a high level of integrity. She deserves to be recognized as an Academic AllStar.”

Having attended Hillsboro since pre-kindergarten, Iliana admits she has mixed feelings about moving on to high school next year.

“I’ve enjoyed all the lessons I’ve learned here, and I’ve had really great teachers,” said Iliana. “Next year, I’ll be going to Renaissance High. I’m nervous about making new friends, but I’m also really excited at the same time.”

Iliana’s favorite subject is English language arts, and she says most of her free time is spent either reading or playing with her young nephew. When she grows up, Iliana says she might like to be either a doctor who works in the newborn intensive care unit or a veterinarian.

“I enjoy caring for people, and I also like animals,” said Iliana. “That’s why school is important to me. I want to be able to have a good career and do something important with what I’ve learned.”

As she takes the next step in her educational career, Iliana says she’ll always look back fondly on her time at Hillsboro.

“It’s a great school,” said Iliana. “I like how small it is because you kind of know everyone which is nice. Plus, it’s just a really good community.”