Eleven-year-old Savannah Meek loves her school and her teachers.

The fifth grader was recently named this year’s Academic All-Star for Oak View and says she can’t imagine being a student anywhere else.

“I love Oak View because everyone here is so kind, and it’s like a family,” said Savannah. “I feel like I can rely on a lot of people here to help me learn and keep me safe.”

Savannah credits her teachers with making Oak View a fun place to learn.

“The teachers are so kind and funny,” said Savannah. “It’s not like you’re walking into a prison of learning, because they make it where you want to be here.”

Savannah doesn’t have a favorite subject – she likes them all. But if there’s one activity she loves more than anything, it would have to be reading.

“I actually have a designated bean bag in my room for reading, so after school I’ll just go up there and dive into a book,” said Savannah. “When we get to read at school, I’m the most excited, because I’m always into a good book.”

Savannah’s other hobbies include softball, playing with neighbors and baking cakes.

“I either want to be a baker or an interior designer when I grow up,” said Savannah. “I’ve always wanted to open a bakery with my cousin, but before the bakery I want to do interior design with her.”

For now, Savannah says she’s just trying to get over the shock of being named her school’s Academic All-Star.

“I’m astounded,” said Savannah. “I can’t believe it. It could have been anyone and the fact they chose me is crazy. I honestly never would have thought I would get this award, but it’s really cool.”