Page High sophomore Tiffany Scruggs will represent her school as this year’s Academic All-Star.

The 16-year-old was selected for this honor because of her determination to always do her best.

“Tiffany is an exceedingly hard-working and diligent student,” said Page High Assistant Principal Katie Hill. “Her teachers appreciate Tiffany’s dedication and willingness to help peers with assignments when needed. She is a bright girl with a bright future.”

Although it may be hard to believe now, Tiffany admits she wasn’t always a model student.

“When I was in elementary school and halfway through middle school I didn’t care about education,” said Tiffany. “I would slack off, but then I got serious halfway through my ninth grade year and thought this is a really big deal. That’s when it got serious.”

Tiffany says the teachers at Page High have played a big role in helping her become a better student.

“The teachers here make everything easy to understand,” said Tiffany, whose favorite subject is geometry. “If you get behind, they will help you get back on track.”

When she’s not in school, Tiffany likes to spend time outdoors and ride horses. She’s not sure what type of career she wants to pursue, but Tiffany says she’s keeping her options open.

“I kind of wanted to cut hair at the beginning of this year,” said Tiffany. “But in middle school, I really wanted to be a lawyer. Whatever it is, I just want to have a good career.”

For the time being, Tiffany says she’s going to continue doing all the little things that led to her being named an Academic All-Star.

“This is very surprising,” said Tiffany. “I think it’s because my teachers saw I was motivated and trying to do better. It’s nice that someone noticed.”