The district’s new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (EIC) will begin serving students in the fall, and it needs mentors to share their knowledge.

The EIC will allow high school students to have hands-on experience with entrepreneurship by learning from mentors. In order to become a mentor, applicants must complete a survey, submit a resume and undergo a background check.

“We’re looking for 200 business people who are willing to share their insights with students as instructors, as speakers and as advisers,” EIC Executive Director Dr. Kari Miller said. “Our objective is to represent the communities that all 10 of our high schools serve and to offer perspectives from a diversity of industries and walks of life.”

The EIC is recruiting mentors in a variety of industries ranging from technology to retail to baking. The EIC Catalyst Network is helping the district in the search.

To apply, visit the EIC Catalyst Network’s website. For more information about the EIC, visit the EIC page on the district website.