After a hard-fought battle, Grassland Middle came out on top at the Battle of the Books.

There were 10 middle schools competing at this year’s Battle of the Books, and each team had eight students. The competition consisted of three rounds. During each round, the teams were quizzed on various books.

Brentwood Middle, Grassland Middle and Sunset Middle faced off in the final round after Brentwood Middle and Sunset Middle tied in the first two. Ultimately, Grassland Middle emerged as the winner.

Grassland Middle’s team consisted of Harper Brabson, Jade Horne, Rinaz Jamal, Sydney Manning, Colsen Murray, Lauren Stockdale, Dorsa Taheri and Jonathan Zink. Bennett Floyd, Erin Gallers and Genevieve St. Jacques were on the team as alternates. They were coached by Susan Oldham, Jennifer Stockdale and Sandy Williams.