Hillsboro School fifth grade teacher Cody Hawks’s desire to teach his students about financial literacy earned him an award from the state.

Hawks was awarded the Middle Tennessee Financial Literacy Leadership award from the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission.

The commission’s goal is to provide educational resources for schools and families regarding financial literacy. In his own classroom, Hawks introduced a classroom economy program that aligned with Junior Achievement Biztown. Students would receive “paychecks” for certain jobs, have to pay rent and participate in classroom reward auctions.

Hawks’s hands-on approach helps students learn about money management.

“I am honored to be recognized with this award,” said Hawks. “I believe teaching our students about the importance of financial literacy is absolutely vital to their growth as members of our society. The state’s work on this matter is very important to the financial success of our citizens.”

Hawks was recognized at a banquet April 9 at the Capital Building in Nashville.