Future scientists at Pearre Creek discovered all the right solutions at this year’s Elementary Science Olympiad in Murfreesboro.

The students took home more than 25 individual awards in addition to an overall fifth place trophy at the competition. This was the school’s first time earning a trophy for overall performance.

“We are so excited and proud,” said PCES fourth grade teacher Catherine Hayes. “Everyone did amazing. Pearre Creek was well represented at the Science Olympiad.”

Listed below are the students who placed within the top five in their categories:

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

  • Second: Pearson Harrison and Drew Keown, PCES


  • Second: Sophie Strohm and Melissa Revis, PCES

Large Number Estimation

  • Second: Drew Keown and Aidan Turpin, PCES

Mystery Architecture

  • Second: Will Bobbitt and Carson Harris, PCES
  • Third: Jake Keown and Finley Adiar, PCES

Name the Scientist

  • Second: Samuel Michael and Carson Dillard, PCES

Boggle Science

  • Third: Sophia Belle and Caroline Hendren, PCES

Calculator Contest

  • Fourth: Hudson Oaks and Aislyn Conrad, PCES

Crossword Science

  • Fourth: Anna Clare Wadsworth and Sadie Salvatore, PCES

Disease Detective

  • Fourth: Pearson Harrison and Emmy Rimkus, PCES


  • Fourth: Sawyer Smith and Audrey Bell, PCES

Deep Blue

  • Fifth: Jake Keown and Joshua Liposky, PCES

Don’t Bug Me

  • Fifth: Grier Staton and Lily Morton, PCES

Weather or Not

  • Fifth: Sophie Strohm and Melissa Revis, PCES