Dozens of students from Fairview Middle, Fairview High and Page High schools demonstrated their technological skills at the annual Technology Student Association (TSA) State Conference April 3-6.

The TSA is a student organization for young men and women who are interested in areas related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The TSA State Leadership Conference gives students the chance to participate in multiple technology-related competitions with other students from across Tennessee. Participants also attend leadership development sessions and represent their schools and during other conference activities.

In addition to placing in the competitive events, Fairview High’s Isabel Cris was elected the Tennessee TSA State Vice President, and Fairview High’s Jax Turner was elected the State Secretary. Fairview High’s Alexis Miniat was also approved as a National TSA Candidate for the 2019-20 office. Page High’s Katie Weaver received the Distinguished Student Award.

Page High teacher Dr. Beth Foreman was named the High School Advisor of the Year.

Congratulations to the following students:

Fairview Middle

  • First: Kylan Keller, Connor Farris and Katie Statton – Mass Production
  • First: Katie Statton and Hailey Hughes – Problem Solving
  • Second: Maddie Brewer, Logan Oxendine, Taylor Doer and Izzy Maige – Medical Technology
  • Second: Josh Carroll and Katie Statton – Forensics
  • Second: Lillie Baker and Janah Rae Eads – Children’s Stories
  • Second: Hailey Hughes – Promotional Marketing
  • Third: Bennett Bateman and Logan Oxendine – Coding
  • Third: Lillie Baker, Janah Rae Eads, Taylor Doer and Trinity Lee – Inventions and Innovations
  • Third: Bennett Bateman and Janah Rae Eads – Challenging Tech Issues

Fairview High

  • Second: Alexis Miniat, Neyland Yeager and Elizabeth Bulay – Fashion Design

Page High

  • First: Aman Pokal, Sammi Bugter, Aaditya Dundigalla, Jacob Phillips, Max Styler and Elijah Tidwell – Engineering Design
  • First: Katie Weaver, Natalie Harris, Katie Adams, Sammi Bugter, Chris Hill, India Lux, Delaney Miller and Will Souers – On Demand Video
  • First: Nathan Davis – Prepared Presentation
  • First: Natalie Harris – Promotional Design
  • First: Nathan Davis, Jacob Phillips, Max Styler, Annie Weaver and Logan Zukas – Video Game Design
  • Second: Aman Pokal, Nathan Davis, Rachel Dick, Aaditya Dundigalla, Chris Hill and Farzan Nasar – Biotechnology Design
  • Second: Katie Adams, Rachel Dick, India Lux, Delaney Miller, Will Souers and Christopher Stach – Digital Video Production
  • Third: Elijah Tidwell – Essays on Technology