Third grader Caroline Sneed is known throughout Scales Elementary for her big smile and can-do attitude.

Those are two of the qualities that led administrators to select her as this year’s Academic All-Star.

“Caroline is an amazing person,” said her teachers. “She always has a positive attitude, no matter the task put before her. When most students would give up, she perseveres and doesn’t let her struggles get her down. In addition to always trying her best and being a hard worker, Caroline is kind and caring to students and teachers alike. We love her witty sense of humor, her sweet and kind demeanor and her strong work ethic.”

Caroline’s favorite subject is reading, and she says the teachers at Scales are fantastic.

“They’re good at teaching, and they’re nice,” said Caroline. “I like school because you get to learn new things and meet new people. It’s easy to make new friends here, because the students are pretty nice.

When she’s not in school, Caroline can be found playing with friends, spending time with her church’s youth group or practicing dance.

“I’ve been learning dance for about two years,” said Caroline. “For the last recital, I learned ballet and jazz. I like it because it shakes all of my nerves out. I was really worried at the recital, but then I got on the stage and danced, and I was fine.”

As the school year comes to an end, Caroline says winning the Academic All-Star award will be one of her favorite memories of third grade.

“It makes me feel really proud of myself,” said Caroline. “So many students could have gotten this award, and they chose me.”