Trinity Elementary fifth grader Chloe Liang is a student who embraces learning every day.

Teachers say Chloe comes to school each day with a kind, generous attitude toward her peers. It’s for those reasons and more, that Chloe was named this year’s Academic All-Star for Trinity Elementary.

“Chloe is an outstanding and very conscientious student” said her teachers. “She has a gentle, observant heart and notices others, being careful to include everyone around her.”

Although she’s only a fifth grader, Chloe already understands the importance of getting a good education.

“School is important to me because I want learn things that I will need in the future,” said Chloe. “My favorite subject is math. I like to solve math equations and learn new math skills.”

In her free time, Chloe likes to draw, play games with her family, and play with her dog. When Chloe grows up, she says she would like to be an eye doctor so she can help people.

“Chloe has a big heart, and she is a pleasure to be around,” said her teachers. “We are so proud to name her our Academic All-Star.”