Hard work pays off. It did for eighth grader Edlynne Campos Camarena, who was recently named Heritage Middle School’s Academic All-Star for the 2018-19 school year.

“The first thing you notice about Edlynne is her bright, cheerful smile,” said HMS ESL Teacher Claudia Classen. “Her grin matches her positive attitude and upbeat personality. She is responsible, motivated and passionate about everything she does. Edlynne comes to school every day with an excitement for learning and a dedication for going above and beyond.”

Attending school wasn’t always easy for Edlynne, who moved with her family to the United States in sixth grade.

“When I first came here, it was very rough,” said Edlynne. “I didn’t know English. I couldn’t communicate with my peers, and it was hard to make friends.”

With the help of her teachers at Heritage Middle, Edlynne has made huge strides.

“My teachers helped me and encouraged me to learn a lot of English,” said Edlynne. “At first it was hard, but I practiced a lot so that I could speak to everyone and make new friends.”

As she prepares to enter high school, Edlynne knows she’ll have to continue working hard to accomplish her goals.

“School is important because it’s my future,” said Edlynne. “Even though it may be hard at times, I know it will get easier. Last year, I saw the teachers hand out awards to students, and I wanted to get recognized too. This year I’ve been working really hard, and I know that if I work hard, good things will happen.”

According to her teachers, the future is bright for Edlynne who has one of the best work ethics they’ve seen.

“Edlynne is always prepared for class, not just with supplies but with her attention and interest,” Classen. “She works smart and digs deep when tasks are difficult. Edlynne is a wonderful young lady who will continue to excel academically and socially. She is a great example of what an HMS student should be. We are proud to name her our Academic All-Star.”