Kind, thoughtful and diligent. Those are the words that came to mind when teachers at Kenrose Elementary were asked to describe Erica Goh.

It is because of those qualities that Erica was selected as the school’s 2018-19 Academic All-Star.

“Erica is an outstanding young lady,” said her teachers. “She is always willing to help, and she is extremely hard working and self-motivated. Through all her years at KES, she has given full effort in the classroom, all while maintaining compassion and a positive attitude. She is so deserving of this award.”

As a fifth grader, Erica is looking forward to middle school next year, but she says she’ll always remember the amazing teachers she had at Kenrose.

“All of the teachers here support us,” said Erica. “They’re always making sure we do our best which helps us focus more. Plus, everyone here is kind.”

Erica doesn’t have a favorite subject; she enjoys them all. But when she grows up, Erica has her sights set on architecture.

“When I was little, I used to want to be a scientist, but now I’m kind of leaning toward being an architect,” said Erica. “I do like math, and I like to draw too so I think that would be a good combination of both.”

No matter the career she chooses, Erica knows she’ll have to stay committed to her studies.

“I want to be successful in the future,” said Erica. “School is important to me, and I think learning is fun.”

Of course, it’s especially fun when you win your school’s Academic All-Star Award.

“Winning this award makes me feel very special,” said Erica. “I am very proud of this.”