The WCS high school graduates of 2019 are moving on to the next stage of their lives, but that doesn’t mean the district is ready to forget them just yet.

WCS is proud to recognize the valedictorian and salutatorian for each high school. These students were the first and second in their class, respectively. However, a couple high schools had students so impressive that they had to select co-salutatorians.

Congratulations to the following students for their hard work and dedication in the classroom:

Brentwood High

Namrah Ajmal
Namrah AjmalValedictorian
Emma Rutherford
Emma RutherfordSalutatorian
Amelia Oldham
Amelia OldhamSalutatorian

Centennial High

Rhea Zaverchand
Rhea ZaverchandValedictorian
Emaline Ivey Tremayne
Emaline Ivey TremayneSalutatorian

Fairview High

Anna Grace Moore
Anna Grace MooreValedictorian
Maggie Rebecca McGowan
Maggie Rebecca McGowanSalutatorian

Franklin High

Sarah Xu
Sarah XuValedictorian
Grace Simpson
Grace SimpsonSalutatorian

Independence High

Will Henke
Will HenkeValedictorian
Sean Spoletini
Sean SpoletiniSalutatorian

Nolensville High

Justin Le
Justin LeValedictorian
Ricky Chen
Ricky ChenSalutatorian

Page High

Sara Sanders
Sara SandersValedictorian
Abigail Gobble
Abigail GobbleSalutatorian
Yasmine Chauhan
Yasmine ChauhanSalutatorian

Ravenwood High

Gabrielle Kaili Liu
Gabrielle Kaili LiuValedictorian
Andrea Marie Huang
Andrea Marie HuangSalutatorian

Renaissance High

Madeline VanHorn
Madeline VanHornValedictorian
Ashley White
Ashley WhiteSalutatorian

Summit High

Sarah Jones
Sarah JonesValedictorian
Abigail Wells
Abigail WellsSalutatorian