Eighth grade students in Woodland Middle teacher KC Hopkins’s English class are finishing the year on a creative note by hosting a Gallery Day.

Students are showcasing their end-of-the-year research projects in the library. In addition to a traditional research paper, they were given creative liberties for a visual representation of their work. Some students created a scrapbook, filmed a video and even made an ice cream stand.

The project started off with a simple direction from Hopkins: choose a topic that interests you.

“If the students are passionate about the subject, they’re going to dive deeper,” Hopkins said. “If it’s their choice, the students are going to want to dedicate time to the research.”

Eighth grader Ella Miller chose war photojournalism for her project.

“I’m obsessed with photography,” Ella said. “I wanted to look into the historical side of it. It was exciting to do the research and put it all together in the end.”

The project takes what the students have been learning throughout the year and combines it into one assignment.

“It’s fantastic to see what they come up with,” Hopkins said. “They surprise me every year.”