Williamson County Schools is working to protect students’ safety online, now and in the future. By using a product named Gaggle, the district is able to teach students about the potential impacts of sharing or sending certain material.

Gaggle will monitor for inappropriate words and images used in G Suite for Education programs within the district. This includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and other programs using MyPlace accounts provided to students.

“We want to be proactive,” said WCS Instructional Technology Director Kelly Wade. “We want to teach students about digital citizenship while they’re still young and in school.”

Gaggle employees will be able to tell if the material is being used in the context of an assignment or needs an immediate response.

If inappropriate material appears in an email or any documents governed by the district, Gaggle will send a notification to school administrators. Administrators will handle situations at the school level.

If there is a serious safety concern, Gaggle will alert the school administrators as well as district safety personnel of the situation.

For more information about Gaggle, see the Q&A on the WCS website.