What’s the difference between a shelter-in-place and a lockdown?

A shelter-in-place is used to proactively protect students and staff during possible situations that may be occurring in the area and might impact a school building. In this case, classes should continue as normal unless otherwise directed by the school administrator.

A lockdown is initiated when violence is possible or actively occurring inside a school building. This is an immediate action drill that is used to protect students and staff. No one will be allowed to enter the building.

More information about safety terms and examples of each can be found on the Safety and Security page of our website.

Why don’t principals call right away when there is a shelter-in-place instead of waiting until it’s been in progress for a while?

When a school is under shelter-in-place, the administration’s first responsibility is for the safety of all students and staff. In addition, if law enforcement is involved, we consult with them before any communication takes place.

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