In January, Creekside Elementary opens, taking about two-thirds of Oak View Elementary’s students. Are there any plan for Oak View? There is also a middle school being built, scheduled to open in fall of 2020. Why don’t they make it an elementary/middle school combination like Mill Creek and Sunset?

After splitting Oak View for 2019-2020 due to growth in its zone, Oak View has capacity for growth of 326 more students and Creekside will have capacity for growth of 368 students before both reach their 100 percent capacity points as of August 30, 2019. We project that all of our schools will continue to grow, including both these schools.

A new middle school is being built on WCS land next to Oak View Elementary to address middle school growth that follows elementary growth. The tract of land is not large enough to build a 1,600 total student capacity building such as Mill Creek Elementary/Middle. Even if there was enough room for another elementary school next door to Oak View, we concluded placing two elementary schools adjacent to each other in this area would be a poor choice for another elementary school location.

It looks like exciting progress is being made on the new middle school on Henpeck Lane adjacent to Oak View Elementary. I’ve heard there’s a possibility that when it opens for the 2020-2021 school year it will only be serving sixth and seventh grade students. Is this true?

We plan to open the new school with sixth, seventh and eighth grades in August 2020.

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