High school speech and debate students are speaking out at the school year’s first statewide competition, the Portland High School Invitational.

Students from several WCS high schools traveled to Portland High School in Sumner County September 21 to test their skills against their peers.

Ravenwood High placed first in overall team accumulative points, and Brentwood High placed third.

Congratulations to the students listed below who placed in their category’s top 10:

Varsity Public Forum Debate

  • First: Ashwin Balaje and Rohan Jaisinghani – Ravenwood High
  • Second: Dhruv Kumar and Nic Nicastro – Ravenwood High
  • Third: Jack Berexa and Trisha Mazumdar – Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Riya Mitra and Milind Muthiah – Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Oliver Galaska and Rohan Gupta – Brentwood High
  • Sixth: Shreya Shyam and Rina Xu – Brentwood High

Novice Public Forum Debate

  • First: Hursha Kondee and Jessie Yang – Brentwood High
  • Second: Nihar Sanku and William Hong – Brentwood High
  • Third: Max Muoto and Lucas Muoto – Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Sohan Challa and Eli Gripenstraw – Brentwood High
  • Fifth: Matt Thorn and Ishita Bhatia – Ravenwood High
  • Sixth: Shrihan Nookala and Sai Kidithini – Ravenwood High

Duo Interpretation

  • Third: Ella Miller and Caroline Meyer – Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Victoria Araujo and Isabelle Araujo – Brentwood High

Duo Improvisation

  • First: Ella Miller and Gavin Brock – Ravenwood High
  • Second: Lily Wilson and Srichi Dalai – Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Morgan Pritchett and Ella Ridlen – Ravenwood High

Humorous Interpretation

  • First: Mia Hayes – Summit High
  • Second: Gavin Brock – Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Landon Brown – Brentwood High

Informative Speaking

  • Third: Claire Hopfensperger – Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Ella Ridlen – Ravenwood High


  • First: Lauren Latimore – Brentwood High
  • Second: Natalie Porter – Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Sunya Aghili – Brentwood High

Program Oral Interpretation

  • Second: Jirayu Paueksakon – Ravenwood High
  • Third: Natalie Porter – Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Cassandra Swindle – Brentwood High
  • Fifth: Sriya Kondapavuluru – Ravenwood High


  • Second: Olivia Williams – Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Claire Hopfensperger – Ravenwood High


  • First: Lily Wilson – Ravenwood High
  • Third: Fallon O’Donnell – Ravenwood High
  • Sixth: Sharada Ghantasala – Ravenwood High

TV Broadcasting

  • Sixth: Allison Lee – Brentwood High

Impromptu Speaking

  • Fifth: Sara Naughton – Franklin High

Original Oratory

  • Fifth: Anna Sullivan – Brentwood High
  • Sixth: Jesse Cai – Brentwood High

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Third: Anna Sullivan – Brentwood High

Congressional Debate

  • Presiding Officer: Sophia Chang – Brentwood High
  • Second: Avi Patri – Brentwood High
  • Third: Ashwath Nayagadurai – Brentwood High

After Dinner Speaking

  • Fourth: Dara Olopade – Brentwood High