I heard a rumor that funding for Page High School remodeling was used to improve the football field instead of for building renovations. Is this true? If not, when will construction/remodeling of the building begin at Page High School. What is the timeline for completion? What are the next steps for construction at Page Middle School? What is the timeline for completion? Progress in the remodeling of these two schools seems a bit slow to many families whose children attend the two schools. Have there been delays?

The rumor is not true. The football field, track, new roadway, parking lot and septic tank replacement were all done under the Phase 1 funding. This work is nearing completion with the final completion of the septic tank installation and a small amount of parking lot paving to be completed.

The design of the new Page High school classroom building was finalized and approved by the Williamson County Planning Commission. The construction bid opening date is set for Thursday, October 30, 2019. The timeline for completion of the Page High School building is 14 months from the date of the notice to proceed which will be issued in November, following the review of all bids.

The second phase of Page Middle School, which includes another three-story building and renovation of the administrative and cafeteria have been bid. We expect to award the contract by the first week of November 2019. That work will take approximately 16 months as it involves portions of the building that are currently occupied.

There have been delays to both projects. On the PHS roadway, parking lot and septic tank replacement and PMS building, inclement weather over the past 18 months have had a significant impact on our progress. Fortunately, the weather improved over the summer and we have worked hard to make up time whenever possible. We have also experienced a shortage of subcontractor personnel to perform the work. This has also had a negative impact on our projects.

Recently while dropping off my high school car rider I witnessed three girls walking into school wearing shorts that barely covered their rears. I asked my child about this who said the dress code is not enforced. As such why have a dress code at all?

WCS Board Policy 6.310 addresses the minimal dress code expectations for all students across the county. For specific concerns regarding the dress code at your child’s school, please contact the school’s principal.

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